M(C)L: Works on Paper

There are more than a thousand studies for paintings that I've created under the single title Mono (Chromatic) Lisa. But only a handful have been on display over the past 30-plus years. This page includes a few examples of those studies. I believe that only one of the artworks below was ever placed on exhibit (#35) and that was at two locations: Vero Beach Art Club, and Arthouse429, a gallery in West Palm Beach.


Published reactions from the critics have been interesting to say the least. Here are some examples of contrasting reviews, involving both current work and an etching project from the 80s which focused on global hunger.


"Mono (Chromatic) Lisa" is a picture of an idea, an attempt at picturing reality before it turns concrete. It is as if Wright is suggesting that a picture of what lies beyond optics and beyond feeling is more the whole truth, and therefore more real. The problem with that idea, however, is that even though Wright uses a pictorial idiom, he uses it merely as a hook to hang a philosophy on. And since visual qualities remain secondary to that philosophy, Wright can't call what he does art. – Joan Altabe, art critic


Wright's desire to draw the undrawable is an attempt to capture a reconnected, unified reality by short-circuiting the senses with images so original they are difficult to dissect. – Kevin Dean, artist / critic


Wright's intaglio, "Dead Child Under Important Astrological Symbol", is thoroughly original, unattractive, and utterly mystifying. – Charles Benbow, art critic

Mono (Chromatic) Lisa

Mixed-media studies on Stonehenge 100% rag paper

15 x 11.5 inches each