M(C)L: Oil Paintings

Since the mid 80s the single title used for the majority of my drawings and paintings is Mono (Chromatic) Lisa. The definitions of the three words used in that title may be of interest to other artists:


MONO - Derived from the Greek word monos, which translates as one; alone; solitary. This word is used to emphasize the singularity of every image as it can occupy only one proprietary position within the expansive landscape of art. As you can see, the image at right no doubt represents one (and only one) definitive thingness. All objects in nature that are first identified by using a single category name (example: automobile, tree, drawing, personage) are necessarily assigned more finite descriptives later by consciousness so that they may become more accurately identified and referenced. A higher degree of specificity through the perception of increasing detail provides us with depth of meaning. Hominid's process of creating meaning involves the comparison of specificities within multiple categories of information.


CHROMATIC - Involving color; demonstrating color. Even when an artist uses black paint or even black pencil or charcoal, the visible light reflecting off the markings contains a multitude of colors. All things in the universe that are perceived through the translation of light energy are considered to involve all of the components of light, which entail the constructs-of-color, whether or not the light is able to be translated by humans as color. The word chromatic is used in parentheses to separate it from the surrounding words, highlighting the fact that the image is a solitary entity which obviously incorporates color.


LISA - Using a person's name in the title installs an added dimension of anthropomorphism to one's conceptions. Even if the name Lisa were not included, many would propose that they detect elements of human faces within the images, which demonstrates an inveterate behavior in hominids.

Mono (Chromatic) Lisa

Oil on wood panels

Dimensions vary