M(C)L = Mono (Chromatic) Lisa

This 3-part section contains examples of both Oil Paintings and Works on Paper (which I always refer to as studies for paintings, or drawings). The distinction between the two categories is simply an issue of the mediums used rather than style or complexity evidenced in each of the works.


Interesting note: The first time I delivered a series of framed "drawings" to a local gallery for exhibition, they were initially referred to by the gallery director as small paintings, which in fact they most certainly were.

Some of the oil paintings are actually much more simplified than the smaller mixed-media "studies" that inspired them. And the reproductions of the various images (as displayed on this site) do not always visually indicate the medium used to create them, re: oils vs. mixed-media. In fact, the oil paintings will often display the techniques of traditional drawing because of my occasional use of oil sticks and charcoal pencils.


Below are some examples for your comparison. The images are not arranged in chronological order. Hint: there are actually three oil paintings (Oil on wood panels) included within this group of smaller Works on Paper, which, for some reason, I still refer to today as drawings.

Mono (Chromatic) Lisa

Mediums and dimensions vary